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Azerbaijan Hosts 8th Turkic States Education Ministers’ Meeting in Shusha

By Haberyaz Jun1,2024

The 8th Meeting of the Ministers of Education of the Organization of Turkic States was held on June 1, 2024, in Shusha, Azerbaijan. Delegates from member countries convened to discuss various topics related to educational collaboration, innovative strategies, and the promotion of cultural ties within the Turkic-speaking world. The conference aimed to foster a united approach to tackle educational challenges and improve the quality of education in the participating nations.

Azerbaijan hosted the event to emphasize its commitment to playing a key role in educational development among Turkic States. The Azerbaijani Minister of Education, alongside other officials, welcomed the delegates and stressed the importance of cooperation for achieving educational excellence.

This meeting is part of the ongoing efforts by the Organization of Turkic States to strengthen ties and collaborate on key sectors, education being a foundational element. The collaborative discussions and decisions taken during the meeting are expected to pave the way for future initiatives aimed at enhancing educational systems across the Turkic States.

By focusing on shared goals and collective efforts, member states aim to achieve significant progress in the education sector, thereby contributing to the overall development and unity of the Turkic-speaking world.

Source: Organization of Turkic States official statement.

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