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AK Parti’s 31st Consultation and Evaluation Meeting Held

By Haberyaz Jun1,2024

AK Parti’s 31st Consultation and Evaluation Meeting Held

The 31st Consultation and Evaluation Meeting of the AK Party took place, with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan delivering the opening remarks. Erdoğan emphasized that crucial issues for the future of the AK Party would be addressed during the meeting. He highlighted that the culture of consultation has gained significance in Turkish political life through the efforts of the AK Party, providing the party with an advantage for 23 years.

During the meeting, a detailed review of the May 14-28 and March 31 election results was conducted. Erdoğan acknowledged the public’s demands for change and renewal and assured that the necessary actions would be taken in due course.

President Erdoğan underscored the importance of the AK Party and the People’s Alliance, expressing confidence in re-establishing strong connections with the public. He affirmed that the party continues to be a beacon of hope for 85 million citizens, achieving success by adhering to its founding values.

The meeting aimed to correct past mistakes and enhance what has been done right. Erdoğan also stressed the significance of self-criticism, generating solutions to party issues through collective wisdom, and strengthening the sense of unity.

He concluded by stating that the meeting serves as a platform to assess the current situation of the AK Party and Turkey and to develop solutions through collective wisdom.

The source of the meeting was the Consultation and Evaluation Meeting organized by the AK Party.

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