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Women Police Officers Patrol Istanbul’s Busy Streets

By Haberyaz May28,2024

Women Police Officers Patrol Istanbul’s Busy Streets

Women police officers, known as “dolphin” police, are now providing security on Istanbul’s busy and bustling streets. These women officers, affiliated with the Istanbul Police Department Preventive Services Branch, play an active role in combating crime after undergoing rigorous training. These brave women, who attract attention riding their 270-kilogram motorcycles, instill confidence among citizens and fear among criminals.

Rigorous Selection and Training Process

Women “dolphin” police officers are selected on a volunteer basis and must meet specific physical criteria. Female candidates are required to be at least 1.70 meters tall. The selection process includes challenging exams that test the candidates’ physical fitness and psychological resilience. Those who successfully pass this selection process undertake an intensive and comprehensive training program.

During this program, they enhance their motorcycle riding skills on tracks with sharp turns. Throughout the training, they specialize in critical areas such as close combat techniques, firearms use, vehicle interception and search, document fraud, bomb disposal, and more. They also receive extensive training in combating narcotics crimes, traffic control, and crime scene investigation. In motorcycle training, women “dolphin” police learn to expertly handle 270-kilogram motorcycles.

From Training to the Field: Women “Dolphin” Police Begin Duty

After successfully completing their training, women “dolphin” police officers start their duties in various parts of Istanbul. Patrolling the streets in their uniforms with their motorcycles, these officers ensure the safety of citizens while becoming a nightmare for criminals. The active involvement of women “dolphin” police in the field is considered a significant step towards enhancing Istanbul’s security, with their numbers steadily increasing.

A “Dolphin” Police Officer’s Story: Sedef Gülbağ

“Dolphin” police officer Sedef Gülbağ takes pride in fulfilling her childhood dream. Expressing her emotions, Gülbağ said: “Becoming a ‘dolphin’ police officer was definitely my childhood dream. Our motorcycles and uniforms attract children’s attention. Our red uniforms reflect warmth, which had a significant impact on me as a child. After graduating from police academy, I participated in the interviews required to become a ‘dolphin’ police officer.”

“I met the height and athletic requirements and completed a challenging two-month training period. Currently, I serve as part of the motorized unit. From the moment we wear this uniform, we are recognized not as women or men, but as ‘dolphin’ police officers. I can proudly say that we, as women, fulfill our roles just as well as men. More women are being recruited now because we have seen the success of our predecessors and follow in their footsteps. We continue to set an example for the younger generation.”

Increasing Number and Impact of Women “Dolphin” Police

The active deployment of women “dolphin” police officers in the field is seen as a significant stride towards enhancing Istanbul’s security. The growing number of female officers not only boosts safety in the city but also contributes to their role as role models in society. Women “dolphin” police instill confidence in citizens and become a source of inspiration, especially for young girls.

Women “dolphin” police not only combat criminals but also play a crucial role in raising security awareness within the community and demonstrating that women can succeed in all areas. Patrolling Istanbul’s streets, these women officers exemplify modern security approaches and gender equality at its finest.

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