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Turkish Parliament Members Engage in Diplomatic Talks in Norway

By Haberyaz May23,2024

Turkish Parliament Members Engage in Diplomatic Talks in Norway

AK Party Ankara MP Fuat Oktay, along with members of the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM) Foreign Affairs Committee, conducted various diplomatic meetings in Oslo, Norway’s capital.

MP Oktay and his delegation met with members of the Norwegian Parliament’s OSCE PA and PACE Delegations to discuss several international issues. The main agenda items of the meeting included Norway’s recognition of Palestine, the Cyprus issue, steps towards peace and stability in the South Caucasus, developments in Ukraine, and the security of the Black Sea.

Oktay emphasized Turkey’s role in ensuring regional security and highlighted the importance of deepening cooperation between Norway and Turkey. The discussions also addressed the double standards and insincerity of some countries concerning democracy and human rights.

Furthermore, Oktay stressed the necessity for allied countries to work together in the fight against terrorism. He stated that a decisive struggle without distinguishing between terrorist organizations would contribute to the security of the whole region and the world. In this context, he conveyed expectations that Norwegian authorities take concrete steps to prevent the activities of terrorist organizations and individuals linked to terrorism.

Source: Statements by Fuat Oktay.

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