Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Turkish Air Force Conducts Formation Flight with HÜRJET During EFES-2024 Drill

By Haberyaz Jun1,2024

In the context of the EFES-2024 exercise, the Turkish Air Force successfully executed a formation flight with the domestically-produced HÜRJET. This exercise showcased the progress and technological advancements achieved by Turkey in the defense industry.

The event also marked the 113th anniversary of the Turkish Air Force’s establishment. The Turkish Air Force, which has been ensuring the safety of the nation since its inception, was honored during the exercise. HÜRJET, operating as an integral part of the Turkish Air Force, garnered attention with its performance in the drill.

The Turkish Air Force’s participation in this significant exercise highlights the elevated national defense capabilities, while reiterating the advancements made over the 113 years since its foundation. The drill not only boosts the operational readiness level of the Turkish Armed Forces but also demonstrates the effectiveness of domestic and national projects in the field.

Source: Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Defense

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