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Turkey’s Top Exporters Honored at TİM’s Annual Awards Ceremony

By Haberyaz Jun8,2024

Türkiye’s Top Exporters Honored at TİM’s 31st Annual General Assembly and Export Champions Awards Ceremony

At the prestigious 31st Annual General Assembly and Export Champions Awards Ceremony organized by the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), leading export firms were praised by Turkey’s Vice President Cevdet Yılmaz.

Yılmaz acknowledged the exceptional performance of exporters, even in a period of weakened international demand. He projected that the current account deficit would fall below 2.5% in 2024 due to their contributions.

Highlighting the goals of the Medium Term Program and the 12th Development Plan, Yılmaz stated that policies centered on high value-added production and exports would continue to be implemented. He remarked that the first year of the program had been successfully completed concerning budget and external balance.

Furthermore, Yılmaz emphasized that Turkey has entered a period of disinflation on a solid foundation established during the “transition process.” He noted that monetary and fiscal policies, along with structural reforms, were planned within an integrated framework and executed with effective coordination. Yılmaz concluded by underlining their commitment to supporting disinflation through a balanced growth focused on production and exports.

The source of this news is the statements from Cevdet Yılmaz.

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