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Turkey Successfully Completes EFES-2024 Military Exercise

By Haberyaz May31,2024

Turkey Successfully Completes EFES-2024 Military Exercise

Turkey’s EFES-2024 Military Exercise, aimed at enhancing the nation’s defense capabilities and operational skills, has concluded successfully. Conducted in two main phases, the exercise took place from April 25 to May 8 with the Computer-Aided Command Post Phase and from May 9 to May 30 with the Live-Fire Field Phase.

The exercise was held across Western Anatolia, the Central Aegean region, the Gulf of İzmir, and the Doğanbey Firing and Exercise Area. In addition to national elements, approximately 11,000 personnel from 45 different countries, including observers, units, and various elements, participated in the exercise.

The primary objectives of the exercise were to translate counter-terrorism experiences into battlefield scenarios and to focus on a hybrid operational environment. Additionally, specific operations such as urban combat, night infiltration from sea and air with special forces, raids, and the rescue of critical personnel were notable features of the drill.

As part of the exercise scenario, amphibious operations supported by artillery fire were carried out, with targets neutralized using land fire support systems, fighter jets, and attack helicopters.

Source: Ministry of National Defense

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