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Turkey Celebrates 113th Anniversary of Air Force Founding

By Haberyaz Jun1,2024

Turkey Celebrates 113th Anniversary of Air Force Founding

Today marks the 113th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Air Force. Founded to protect the skies of the nation, the Turkish Air Force’s long history of service is being celebrated with various ceremonies and events across Turkey.

These celebrations not only honor the Turkish Air Force’s 113 years of dedicated service to the nation but also commemorate its significant achievements and milestones throughout history. The events are attended by military personnel, officials, and the public, highlighting the Air Force’s critical role in the country’s defense and its impressive capabilities.

This special occasion provides an opportunity to reflect on the proud history of the Turkish Air Force and its unwavering commitment to safeguarding the nation’s airspace under the proud banner of the Turkish flag. The diverse range of celebratory activities underscores the strength and importance of the Air Force in maintaining national security.

Source: Presidency of Defense Industries

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