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Tragic Building Collapse in Istanbul: One Dead

By Haberyaz Jun2,2024

Tragic Building Collapse in Istanbul: One Dead

A tragic incident occurred in Küçükçekmece, Istanbul, when a building collapsed, resulting in the death of one citizen. Ali Babacan, Chairman of the Deva Party, expressed his condolences for the deceased, offering prayers and well-wishes for the injured.

Babacan emphasized that Turkey is located in an earthquake-prone region, urging the public to remain aware of this reality. He pointed out that the lack of precautionary measures leads to loss of life even in the absence of earthquakes.

Recalling a speech he made after the March 31 local elections, Babacan reiterated his call to make every corner of Turkey resistant to earthquakes. He stated, “Let us not lose even a single life to disasters,” a sentiment he has repeated numerous times.

Babacan also stressed the urgency of initiating urban renewal projects across all 81 provinces, utilizing all available resources. He declared, “We don’t have time to lose; it is time to prepare for earthquakes,” underlining the need for immediate action.

This information has been compiled from Deva Party Chairman Ali Babacan’s statements.

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