Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Ministry of National Defense Unveils Fifth Episode of Film Series Highlighting Daily Life at Air NCO Vocational School

By Haberyaz Jun5,2024

The Ministry of National Defense has dedicated the fifth episode of its special film series, crafted for high school students curious about a day in the life at military schools, to the Air NCO Vocational School. In this episode, the daily routines and training processes of students enrolled in military schools are meticulously showcased.

Prepared by the Ministry of National Defense, this film series aims to address the questions of students and families interested in military schools. The episode set at the Air NCO Vocational School distinctly illustrates how education is conducted with discipline and order.

Throughout this documentary-style content, viewers are presented with the complete process from the students’ morning routines to their training sessions. In addition to discipline-focused education, the program also highlights the students’ social activities and personal development efforts.

With such content, the Ministry of National Defense seeks to guide young individuals aspiring to education at military schools.

Report by: Ministry of National Defense

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