Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Kepez Mayor Mesut Kocagöz Released from Prison

By Haberyaz Jun11,2024

Kepez Mayor Mesut Kocagöz has been released from prison after being held for 59 days under what were claimed to be unjust charges. The news was announced by Adana Member of Parliament Burhanettin Bulut.

Who? Kepez Mayor Mesut Kocagöz and Adana MP Burhanettin Bulut

What? Mesut Kocagöz was released from prison

Where? Prison

When? After being detained for 59 days

How? As a result of legal proceedings and decisions

Why? Claims that the charges were unlawful

Adana MP Burhanettin Bulut stated, “After being unjustly detained for 59 days, our Kepez Mayor Mesut Kocagöz has regained his freedom. Best wishes.”

Source: Statements from Adana MP Burhanettin Bulut.

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