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İYİ Party’s Deputy Leader Condemns Gaza Attacks, Calls for Immediate Cessation

By Haberyaz May27,2024

İYİ Party’s Deputy Leader Condemns Gaza Attacks, Calls for Immediate Cessation

Who: İYİ Party Deputy Leader Müsavat Dervişoğlu

What: Issued a strong condemnation of ongoing attacks in Gaza, particularly those targeting civilians

When: Date of the statement not specified, but the context implies it is a recent development

Where: Gaza; statement released through İYİ Party’s official channels

Why: To highlight the violation of international human rights and call for global action

How: Through a public statement disseminated by İYİ Party’s media channels

Müsavat Dervişoğlu, Deputy Leader of İYİ Party, issued a searing condemnation regarding the continuing attacks in Gaza. Dervişoğlu decried the actions that specifically target civilians as a grievous violation of international human rights.

In his statement, Dervişoğlu declared, “As if it isn’t heinous enough that innocent civilians have been targeted without regard for schools or hospitals for months, now bombs are raining down on United Nations tents where surviving Palestinians have sought refuge.” Calling these actions “inhumane,” Dervişoğlu demanded an immediate end to the hostilities.

Dervişoğlu also addressed the United Nations and the global community, urging all countries to uphold human rights not only in rhetoric but also in actions to bring this oppression to an end.

This announcement was shared with the public through İYİ Party’s official channels.

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