Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

İYİ Parti Leader Müsavat Dervişoğlu Delivers Powerful Message

By Haberyaz Jun12,2024

İYİ Parti General President Müsavat Dervişoğlu emphasized the determination and perseverance of his party in a recent statement. “No one should fall into despair,” Dervişoğlu stated, indicating that hostility toward İYİ Parti only strengthens them. “Our past is ours, as is our future,” he added, providing a morale boost to the party’s base.

This statement reflects İYİ Parti’s future strategies and their fighting spirit. Dervişoğlu’s words aim to bolster unity and solidarity within the party.

**Source: Statements by İYİ Parti General President Müsavat Dervişoğlu.**

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