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Innovative Mobile Migration Point Initiative Successfully Tackles Irregular Migration in Turkey

By Haberyaz Jun11,2024

Atilla Toros, Head of the Migration Management Department, revealed details about the Mobile Migration Point initiative in an interview with Hürriyet. This groundbreaking strategy has identified 81,000 irregular migrants using Mobile Migration Vehicles. Over the past year, this initiative has led 401,325 irregular migrants to voluntarily leave Turkey. Toros emphasized that their fight against irregular migration is based on civilizational values, human rights, and the rule of law.

Toros, along with the Hürriyet Gazette team, observed the operations of a Mobile Migration Point Vehicle at Ankara’s Kızılay Square.

### A First in the World

Discussing the innovative approach, Toros noted, “We have developed a globally unprecedented method to combat irregular migration with our Mobile Migration Vehicles. Introduced as a pilot program in Istanbul in July 2023, our initiative is now expanding throughout Turkey. In 59 provinces, including all major metropolitan areas, 165 vehicles are currently operational, and we plan to increase this number to 265 soon. These mobile units allow us to be as dynamic as the migrants we track. Our field dominance has increased due to our mobility. These vehicles patrol the field 24/7, and soon they’ll be active in all 81 provinces.”

### Visible Deterrent Impact

Toros highlighted the deterrent effect of the visible presence of these Mobile Migration Vehicles, saying, “Seeing effective supervision in the field, irregular migrants tend to leave Turkey voluntarily. Since June 1, 2023, 401,325 migrants have left our country on their own because they know we will inevitably encounter them during our checks.”

### 746,000 Identity Checks Conducted

Toros further stated that 746,000 identity checks have been performed, identifying 81,000 irregular migrants. “From July 19, 2023, to date, we have carried out checks on 460,883 foreigners in Istanbul alone and identified 73,436 irregular migrants,” he added.

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