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Historic Taksim Maksemi in Istanbul to Reopen as Republic Museum

By Haberyaz Jun5,2024

Historic Taksim Maksemi in Istanbul to Reopen as Republic Museum

The Taksim Maksemi, a historical structure built between 1732-33 and located in Istanbul’s Beyoğlu district, has been restored and repurposed by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. According to Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu, the building in Taksim Square will soon be inaugurated as the Republic Museum.

This restoration project is part of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s heritage initiatives, reflecting the city’s dedication to preserving its historical fabric. Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu emphasized that the project significantly contributes to Istanbul’s cultural heritage.

The emphasis on this restoration initiative highlights a strategic effort to protect the city’s historic sites and offer them to the public. Through this project, carried out under the Municipality’s Heritage Projects, Taksim Square’s historical significance and cultural value will be passed on to future generations. The opening of the Republic Museum will create a historical and cultural attraction for both tourists and Istanbul residents.

Source: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

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