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Excitement and Intense Competition Mark the Coast Guard Cup Sailing Races in İzmir Aliağa

By Haberyaz Jun10,2024

In İzmir Aliağa, the Coast Guard Cup Sailing Races held as part of the 100th anniversary celebrations of the Republic were completed with great enthusiasm and competition. The races, which took place from June 7 to June 9, saw participation from 90 athletes across 11 categories, hosted by the Aliağa Şakran Sailing Club.

After two days of fierce competition, the athletes who ranked highest received their awards. In the Optimist general category, Mert Çakmak emerged as the winner, followed by İskender Saryal in second place, Bora Yeşilderya in third, Nehir Uygur in fourth, and Sarp Yönder in fifth. In the Optimist junior general category, Emir Mert Sır clinched first place, Tibet Otuzlu came in second, Kerem Kılıç in third, Asya Mira Yapan in fourth, and Rüzgar Ata Ayrılmaz in fifth. Athletes in nine other categories also received medals for their achievements.

**Gratitude from the District Governor and Sailing Federation**

At the award ceremony held after the races, Aliağa District Governor Zekeriya Güney extended his thanks to everyone who contributed to the organization, including the athletes and coaches. Murat Şener, Member of the Turkish Sailing Federation Board, expressed their belief that the young athletes competing in the Coast Guard Cup Sailing Races would become future Olympic athletes and conveyed their pride in this potential.

The ceremony was also attended by SG Lieutenant Colonel Emrah Kadir Çakır, Coast Guard Northern Aegean Group Commander, SG Major Engin Anar, Coast Guard Central Aegean Group Commander, SG Captain Çağrı Gültekin, TCSG-61 Commander, and Özlem Günay Karataş, Director of Aliağa Youth and Sports District. All institutions and individuals who helped organize the races were thanked for their contributions.

**A Day of Pride for Young Athletes**

The Coast Guard Cup Sailing Races provided unforgettable moments for both participants and spectators. The high turnout and the athletes’ outstanding performances indicate that Turkey will continue to achieve significant successes in sailing in the future. Such events not only boost young athletes’ motivation but also help promote sailing to broader audiences.

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