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Eskişehir Police Conduct Extensive Checks in Entertainment Venues, Nearly 2000 IDs Verified

By Haberyaz May27,2024

Eskişehir Police Conduct Extensive Checks in Entertainment Venues, Nearly 2000 IDs Verified

In Eskişehir, police teams carried out a large-scale operation to inspect entertainment venues, verifying the identities of 1,962 individuals.

Last night, teams affiliated with the Provincial Security Directorate conducted extensive inspections. The operation, involving 85 personnel and one riot police team, took place in the Vural Street of Hoşnudiye Neighborhood and İsmet İnönü-1 Street, targeting alcohol-serving entertainment venues. During the inspections, 55 establishments were examined, and the identities of 1,962 individuals were verified. Among those inspected, one person wanted for theft was apprehended, and three individuals were identified as draft evaders. Additionally, one suspect was found in possession of a firearm and a single bullet, which were confiscated.

“Feeling Safe as Shopkeepers”

Halil Katırcı, a shopkeeper on Vural Street in Hoşnudiye Neighborhood, commented on the inspections by saying, “The presence of police reassures us. The crime rate drops significantly. Fights occur frequently, but they decrease when police are around. Apart from that, we feel safe. As shopkeepers, we feel secure. Thanks to the police inspections, our business increases. The presence of police is very beneficial for us.”

“People Refrain from Fighting When They See Police”

Another shopkeeper, Seyfettin İnci, noted that the area with alcohol-serving entertainment venues often sees incidents but fewer problems arise on inspection days. He stated:

“We are positively affected because crime rates have increased significantly. Therefore, these inspections are beneficial. First of all, underage children consuming alcohol in these venues is prevalent; these inspections help prevent that. Criminals are caught in this way, or crimes are reduced. People refrain from fighting when they see the police. Therefore, their inspections are very positive for us. The presence of police is a significant advantage for us. It is essential for maintaining social order, and we are very satisfied in this regard. Without police inspections, we wouldn’t see this kind of crowd. Because sometimes an incident occurs, and the next day, the street is entirely empty. Hence, the presence of police and their inspections are crucial for us and society.”

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