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Comprehensive Search, Rescue, and Security Drill Conducted in Şırnak

By Haberyaz May27,2024

Comprehensive Search, Rescue, and Security Drill Conducted in Şırnak

In Şırnak, a large-scale “Search, Rescue, and Security Drill” was successfully conducted with the collaboration of various institutions. The exercise saw participation from the 23rd Infantry Division Command, the Şırnak Provincial Health Directorate’s National Medical Rescue Team (UMKE), the Şırnak Provincial Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD), the Provincial Gendarmerie Command, Diyarbakır AFAD teams, and the Şırnak Municipality Fire Department.

The drill aimed to strengthen coordination among institutions in response to potential emergency situations. Teams intervened with various scenario-generated incidents, executing rescue operations and security protocols in a practical manner. These realistic scenarios contributed significantly to the participants’ training.

Following the event, it was stated that the drill had achieved its goal and further solidified collaboration among the units. The coordination skills and rapid intervention capabilities of the participating teams emphasized their preparedness for potential disasters and emergencies.

Through this drill, it was observed that the institutions gained valuable experience in search, rescue, and security measures, making them more prepared for any kind of emergency situation.

News: Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Defense

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