Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

CHP Leaders Join Traditional Event in Bayraklı

By Haberyaz Jun9,2024

CHP Deputy Chairman and Party Spokesperson Deniz Yücel, along with Chairman Özgür Özel, attended the 12th Traditional Keşkek Day event organized by the Bayraklı Kulalılar Association.

The event was held in Bayraklı, İzmir. During the ceremony, Deniz Yücel emphasized the importance of preserving traditions for social unity and solidarity. Yücel stated, “By embracing our traditions, we are stepping towards a brighter and more hopeful future.”

Another highlight of Yücel’s speech was CHP’s public relations policies and the support for social events. He noted that such organizations bring together different segments of the community and strengthen social solidarity.

During the event, both Yücel and Özel interacted with participants, listening to their views and suggestions. Following the keşkek offering, traditional folk dances and music performances garnered significant attention from the attendees.

Source: Bayraklı Kulalılar Association

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