Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

CHP Emphasizes Economic Struggles of Retirees at Tandoğan Square Rally

By Haberyaz May26,2024

CHP Vice Chairman and Party Spokesperson Deniz Yücel has highlighted the economic difficulties faced by retirees and stressed the importance of ensuring a dignified life for them.

To support the demands of retirees, CHP organized a rally at Tandoğan Square. Addressing the frustrations and suffering of retired citizens, Yücel stated, “We are here to ensure the level of welfare they deserve for those who have worked hard and contributed to the development and progress of this country during their prime years.”

Underlining CHP’s policies towards retirees, Deniz Yücel said, “Providing a dignified life for our retirees is our primary goal. That’s why we come together at Tandoğan Square to raise our voices.”

Source: CHP Press Office

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