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225 Unlicensed Firearms Seized in Major Operation in Konya

By Haberyaz Jun3,2024

225 Unlicensed Firearms Seized in Major Operation in Konya

Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya announced a significant breakthrough in the fight against illegal arms trade. During the “MERCEK-20” operation held in Konya, police discovered 225 unlicensed firearms in a vehicle en route to eastern provinces. The operation led to the arrest of two suspects.

In a social media post, Minister Yerlikaya emphasized the government’s commitment to addressing illegal activities that disrupt public peace and order. “We are determined to combat those who endanger the peace of our nation and those who supply them with weapons. Our struggle against gun traffickers will continue with your prayers and support,” he stated.

The General Directorate of Security’s Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Department, in coordination with the Konya Provincial Security Directorate’s Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Branch, executed the operation. This resulted in the confiscation of the unlicensed firearms from a vehicle identified as transporting the weapons to eastern provinces.

Minister Yerlikaya extended his gratitude to the heroic police officers involved in the operation, stating, “Congratulations to our brave officers who carried out the operation. May God protect you. The prayers of our nation are with you.”

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