Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

100th Anniversary of the Republic Anthem Unveiled!

By Haberyaz Jun4,2024

Ankara witnessed a significant event as the anthem commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Republic’s founding was unveiled, thanks to the contributions of the Ministry of National Defense. The anthem, composed and written by members of the Turkish Armed Forces, has already generated widespread acclaim.

The unveiling ceremony took place in Ankara and was attended by the Minister of National Defense and senior officials of the Turkish Armed Forces. This exclusive anthem was presented to the public for the first time during this event and received immense appreciation from attendees.

In his speech during the unveiling, the Minister of National Defense highlighted the Republic’s 100-year history, stating that the anthem symbolizes Turkey’s respect for its past and hopes for the future. The military personnel who authored and composed the anthem were also invited on stage and congratulated by the attendees.

The anthem quickly garnered vast attention on social media platforms, being shared by hundreds of thousands. The Ministry of National Defense published the anthem’s video on its official YouTube channel, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

Source: Ministry of National Defense

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